Knights of Columbus


   Alaska State Council Officers

State Deputy Ron Jones
State Secretary Bill Chrisman State Advocate
Past State Deputy Ron Reinhardt, Sr. State Deputy
State Chaplain Father Patrick Brosamer
State Treasurer Don Remer
State Advocate Jeff Gibson
State Warden Fred Schurman
Insurance Agent Rodger Finley

District Deputies 

District #1 Doug Williams, Anchorage

| 4859 | 10798 | 11558 | 13315

District #2 Tim Jones, Fairbanks , North Pole

| 5011 | 8308 | 12431 |13566

District #3 Chris Gianotti, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan

| 1760 | 11321 | 11757 | 13056 |

District #4

Jeff Cole,   Anchorage, Eagle River, Palmer, Wasilla

| 9581 | 9830 | 11745 | 11816 |

District #5

Scott Griffin,   Anchorage, Kenai, Kodaik

11206 | 12018 | 12290 | 12492 

State Directors and Chairmen

Membership Director John B. Lopetrone
Membership Retention Chair Bernard Freeman
Council Retention Chair Bill Chrisman
Program Director Timothy L. Doval
Church Director  
Columbian Squires John B. Lopetrone
Youth Director Jacob Coffman
Family Director  
Community Director  
Health Servcies Chair  
Awards/Report Forms Chair  
Ceremonials Chairman Kevin Adler
Insurance Promotion Rodger Finley
Public Relations Ed Cunningham
Council Reactivation Chair  
McGivney Guild Chair  
Pro-Life Couple  
Webmaster Ed Cunningham
Icon Coordinator  
Marian Hour Chairman  
Youth Director  

Campaign for People with
Intellectual Disabilities

Tom Malone
Camp Events Chairman Bernard Freeman ( St. Therese's Camp )
Second Responders
VA Voluntary Service
(VAVS) Rep
John B. Lopetrone
'Keep Christ In Christmas' 'Christmas Cards' Kevin P. Adler
Athletic Events Chairman  
Round Table Chairman John Lopetrone
State Squires Chairman John Lopetrone
Special Olympics Chairman Tom Malone

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