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Fraternal year 2015-2016

Title:  Parish Grounds Cleanup

Council: 12290

Category: Church

Date: 05/16/2015

Purpose of activity: To cleanup the parish grounds and maintain them for the summer.

Description: The council held a parish wide cleanup in May 16,2015 . During that time all the parish grounds were raked, and all-the flower beds were replanted. The council provide lunch which was hamburgers an hot dogs and all that goes with it. Through out summer we had work party's to maintain the grounds and cut down necessary trees for beatification of the grounds.

Title:  Service to Holy Name Parish and School

Council: 11321, Holy Name Council, Ketchikan AK

Category: Church

Date: 1May2015-31Mar 2016

Purpose of activity: During the past year Council 11321 has demonstrated there dedication to Holy Name Church and School. We purchased and installed a $15,000 dishwasher when the old dishwasher wore out. We replaced inefficient T-12 lighting system and installed an electronic ballast and T-8 bulbs, cost us over $3,000 to complete, but this project saved our parish hundreds of dollars in energy cost. Council 11321 stepped up to provide all the safe environment training to all the faculty and staff, thus allowing the parish and school to meet diocese requirements. Also Brother Eric Collins has volunteered hundred of hours as the schools maintenance supervisor with charging the parish. Also we have provide free meals to the entire parish every other month.

Description: During this past year Ketchikan Council 11321 has consistently demonstrated Fraternity, Unity and Charity in service to Holy Name Parish. Council 1321 spearheaded an effort to replace an inoperative commercial dishwasher in the Parish Hall.  Through personal donations from members of 11321 and fundraising efforts, Council 11321 removed the inoperative dishwasher, purchased, and had shipped a replacement dishwasher valued at $15,000 and installed the new commercial dishwasher.  Additionally, an automatic dish soap dispensing system was installed and dishwashing soap purchased.
Council 11321 also noticed that many fluorescent tubes in the church were extinguished.   It was noted that the church was lighted with old and inefficient T-12 florescent tubes with magnetic ballasts.  Council 11321 put together an effort to relight the entire church with energy efficient electronic ballasts and T-8 fluorescent tubes.  Following the purchase of the ballasts, tubes and other necessary items for conversion, Knights of Council 11321 converted the lighting throughout the church.  The cost of the relighting project was over $3000 and required many volunteer hours from Knights to complete.  In October the Council completed the relighting project, which has drastically improved our parish lighting and is saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs that can be used for other church needs.    
Father Pat Travers was struggling with how to conduct safe environment training to the faculty and administration at Holy Name Church and School following the resignation of the Religious Education Director.  Council 1321 immediately offered to research and conduct safe environment training as required by the Diocese.              PGK Tom Schultz volunteered, researched and delivered safe environment training to most of the Holy Name School Faculty, Religious Education and Administrative Staff.  Currently Council 11321 is actively working to assist in any way possible to standardize the safe training throughout the Diocese by working thru contracts with Virtus.  
Council 11321 embraces Fraternity, by orchestrating bimonthly pancake breakfasts for the entire parish.  Holding these breakfasts has allowed us to demonstrate fraternity and provides an opportunity for fellowship for all who attend.  Additionally, following requests from Father Pat Travers, Council 11321 has prepared a breakfast to celebrate the Bishops visit to Holy Name Parish to celebrate First Holy Communion and Confirmation, assisted in preparing a celebration meal following the ordination of Father Mike Galbriath and most recently prepared a fish dinner in to facilitate a talk and discussion during the Roe v Wade anniversary.
Council 11321 is committed to helping Father Pat in keeping the only Catholic School in Southeast Alaska viable. Holy Name Catholic School is facing enormous financial pressure, and looking for any way to save money.  Brother Eric Collins volunteer’s countless hours as the school’s maintenance supervisor without charging the parish or the school for services.   Council 11321 has documented over 1800 hours of service of Holy Name Church during the past year.  There are many more undocumented hours.

Title:  Supporting our Church and Community

Council: 9830, John A. Forsting Council, Eagle River AK

Category: Church

Date: 06/17/2015

Purpose of activity: This was a multi-purpose effort for our church. First an elderly parishioner was in the process of moving out of her home when plans changed, movers raised rate and her total plan fell through with selling and moving out of her home. At the last minute, she was able to talk to the Anchorage Archdiocese and our council for help. She was able to rent her home to the Archdiocese for Archbishop Roger Schwietz and our newly ordained priest, Fr Arthur Roraff. But her home needed to be emptied first, the home repainted, and then Archbishop Roger Schwietz and Fr Roraff could move in.

Description: Tony Zielinski was contacted by Deacon Mark Merrill regarding a elderly parishioner in need due to last minute changes with her attempts to sell her home. The sale fell through and at the last minute she approached the Anchorage Archdiocese for possible help. As it turned out, Archbishop Roger Schwietz was looking for a new residence for himself and the newly ordained priest Fr Arthur Roraff. Archbishop was becoming our new pastor for St Andrews and Fr Arthur was becoming our Parochal Vicar to St Andrews parish.
So the parishioners 4000 sq ft home had to have all its furniture removed and placed in several different places; for yard sales, selling on craiglist, saving for her move, and storage for items wanting to be kept. The process of emptying her home took 15 nights 3 days to empty her home and stage her items as she requested. Once her home was vacant, 5 Knights spent the next 6 nights prepping and painting her home for the new tenants, Archbishop Roger Schwietz and Fr Arthur.

This effort was completed with little notice to our council and many of our members changes personal plans in order to help out with this effort. It was all completed in time for move-in day of 7/1/2015. This effort saved an elderly parishioner thousands of dollars in moving and painting expenses and in turn council 9830 was able to set up a new residence for Archbishop Roger Schwietz and Fr Arthur Roraff.



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