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Fraternal year 2015-2016

Title:   Polar Plunge

Council: St. Benedict, 12290

Category: Council

Date: 12/19/2016

Purpose of activity: A major fund riser for Special Olympics Alaska.

Description: It may have been freezin but it was for a reason. Seven members of the Knights of Columbus Council 12290 and 3 family members participated in the seventh annual Special Olympics Alaska Polar Plunge by gathering pledges and plunged into the icy waters of Goose Lake in Anchorage , Alaska on December 19,2015 . The Knights raised $5,267 which to support sports training and competition for Special Olympic Alaska athletes statewide . John the Baptist ( Russell Carr ) performed baptisms on two council members while in the lake. Other members of Council 12290, who weren't brave enough to take the plunge , served coffee, hot chocolate, and cider to the thousands of people who came to Goose Lake to participate and speculate.




Title:   Help a Brother Knight.

Council: 9581, Arctic Modanna Council, Wasilla AK

Category: Council


Purpose of activity: Our Council is trying to help one of our 3rd degree Knights who is now a Quadriplegic as the results of a car accident on May 17th, 2015 who is trying to support his family on a Disasbility payment of $1,800 a month plus food stamps.

Description: One of our Council 3rd Degree fellow Knight (Maurice Strickin) was in a very bad car accident on May 17th, 2015 that has left him a Quadriplegic. He has spent seven months in the hospital, most of which was in an Intensive Care Ward. After his surgery he had spent a few weeks at a hospital in Seattle in a rehabilitation effort He has physical therapy sessions a couple of time a week and is to have an MRI to determine if further surgey will give him some use of his limbs. He was two weeks short of qualifing for health insurance on his new job when he had the accident. They have two young boys ages 7 and 8. His wife Cassey has been a stay at home other so Maurice had been the only wage earner. She now has a full time job just taking care of Maurice. Their first Disability check was due on the 3rd of March. That $1,800 payment for Maurice and their two boys is their only income they receive along with food stamps.
Our Council had started a drive to help them meet their expenses. We received help from DD Bill Faser who edited a summary written by Maurice's wife Cassey and got it to SO Ron Reinhart for a state wide request for the K of C to offer financial aid. We are most grateful for his help. The GK gave a talk at at three of our weekend services detailing the financial need they are facing. Our Parish at Sacred Heart has been most generous and
along with funds from numberous K of C Councils we have been able to give the Stricklins over $26,000 to date. Our Council has donated half of our profit from a couple of our Sunday Breakfasts. While Maurice was in the hospital in Seattle Cassey bought ann older toyota minivan that had been modified for handicap access. This has not shown to meet their needs and they are trying to get a full size handicap van but it is out of their reach.

The GK has made weekly visits to Maurice and his family both in the hospital and to their home. He was able to help move furniture from the living room to the garage to make room for the hospital bed. The home is a 3 bedroom condominium with all 3 bedrooms upstairs. A home built on one level would be better suited for them but Maurice says he worked to hard to get their home and he doesn't want to sell it. The OK also worked at
odify the threshold to allow easier access with an electric wheelchair. He has also brought the Holy Eucharst when they were unable to attend Mass.





Purpose of activity:







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