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Fraternal year 2015-2016

Title: Food for Families/40 cans for lent 

Council: St. Benedict, Anchorage, 12290

Category: Family

Date: 2/10/2016

Purpose of activity: Challenged Knights to Participate in the 40 cans for lent program, and will combine with our normal food for families outreach and working to provide over 7000 pounds of foor for our local St Francis food pantry.

Description: Council members were challenged to bring in 2 cans to each business meeting as well as set aside 40 cans of food for the fourty days of lent. We have continues to reach out to the St Benedict's comunity to assist in also donating food and items for the st Francis food pantry. Members gave generously to the 40 cans challenge.


Title: Helping the widow of a deceased brother 

Council: St. Raphael's, Fairbanks, 12431

Category: Family

Date: 06/01/2015

Purpose of activity: The purpose of this activity was to assist the widow of a deceased brother knight by helping with an unfinished landscaping project.

Description: Brother Ernie passed away in the spring of 2015 leaving his wife with an unfinished 6000 sq. ft. landscaping project. Council 12431 knew it was their responsibility to assist the widow's of deceased brothers and took it on as a project. Beginning in May the plans were formed. The land had been cleared and was on a hill. Drainage had been a problem in the past and it was decided that the ground needed to be sloped and contoured to ensure proper drainage of water away from the house. To accomplish this the underground electrical service needed to be dug up and relocated. equipment was donated by a knights and was brought in to dig up and move the service. Then the land was formed for proper drainage. This required several yards of dirt to be relocated and spread over the project. The existing dirt was mostly silt so 60 yards of new material was brought in spread over the entire area. this required lots of moving of dirt with wheel barrels and raking to get the ground level. Then the area was tilled several times to ensure a good mix of the new and old soil. After the tilling the area was raked and rolled until level. After that the ground was seeded and kept watered until the grass grew. The entire cost of the project was funded by donations from individual knights.

Title:   The Knights of Columbus Food for Families

Council: Fr. Ernie, Anchorage, 13315

Category: Family

Date: 02/14/16

Purpose of activity: The Knights of Columbus Fr Ernie Council at Holy Cross Parish and the St. Francis House are committed to providing hunger relief in Anchorage through a Lenten food drive to provide 2-day emergency supply of food to anyone in need.


Linda came to Alaska from Florida eleven years ago after leaving an abusive marriage.

With limited funds, food was scarce so a friend told Linda about the resources at the St. Francis Food Pantry. Linda used the food provided by St. Francis House to survive. With times tough, Linda says she became a victim of depression. A doctor advised her do some volunteer work. Linda says that St. Francis House Food Pantry was an easy choice because without the Catholic Social Services program, she would not have made it.

She has been volunteering since Jan 2015 and it’s helped her immensely. Linda says she is able to help inspire other clients that there is hope and that someone cares about them. One day a single mom came in who couldn’t afford a birthday cake for her child. Linda was able to find a donated cake to go along with the emergency food and she says the mother and the child were overwhelmed with happiness.

Since 2012, the Knights of Columbus has donated over $8.5 million and 14.7 million pounds of food to local food pantries, community food banks and soup kitchens. Here in Anchorage, St. Francis House Food Pantry serves more than 115 families a day providing them with some hunger relief.

On Valentine's Day, the Fr Ernie Council and the St. Francis House Food Pantry kicked off the Food for Families food drive across Holy Cross Parish. The Council provided donation bins, a videolog at the collection point, pulpit announcements, advertising, pancake breakfasts, fuel and transportation for this drive.

The work of the Holy Spirit through the generosity of the Parish was simply astonishing. The 100lb capacity bins overflowed FIVE times resulting in food deliveries of 110 lbs,, 189 lbs, 228 lbs, and 383 lbs for a total of 1,114 lbs, well exceeding the Council and Parish goal of 1000lbs.

Today it is through the work of Knights just like you, that Linda has found nourishment today.







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