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Fraternal year 2016-2017

Title:  Cathedral of the Nativity of BVM Clean-up and fix up Day

Council: Archbishop Seghers 1760

Category: Church

Date: 9/10/16

Purpose of activity: Power wash, touch up paint, and make minor repairs to the Cathedral of the Nativity Church Building and Rectory; and also clean up grounds and haul away trash.

Description: Fr. Pat Casey OMI asked Archbishop Seghers Council 1760 to power wash the Cathedral and adjoining rectory. It had been a number of years since we last power washed the buildings and siding was green in places. He also noted that exterior window sills need edsome paint; and some accumulated trash needed hauling to the landfill. There were also minor repairs needed. Jim Betts asked for volunteers and it was published in the parish bulletin. Brother Knight Hugh Noel Grant donated the weekend rental of a Genie manlift from Tyler Rental. Several members donated use of their power washers. Jim Betts arranged city permit for closure of the street in front of the buildings to parking. Jim took delivery of the manlift Friday evening and drove it up the hill to the Cathedral. Power washing began early Saturday morning and was completed by start of the 5:30 PM Saturday mass. Members and a few parishioners who volunteered helped power wash, move hoses, make minor repairs and picked up 770 pounds of trash which was delivered to the landfill. Donuts and other food was made available. Fr. Pat Casey even helped out power washing and running the manlift. Jim Betts and a few other men applied paint to the window sills Sunday afternoon. The total cost of the cleanup was $195 - thanks to High Grant's doation of the manlift rental. Fr. Pat Casey was very appreciative and thanked the Council at all masses. Note that 15% participation is based on total membership of 86 but only about 60 are in Juneau.


Title:  Building a Domestic Church

Council: St. Benedict 12290

Category: Church

Date: 07/01/2016

Purpose of activity: To strengthen the relationship between the council and the Parish. Ongoing project.

Description: The Council decided to build a stronger relationship between the council and the Parish. We took what the Pope and the Supreme Council talked about in building a domestic church. A few things that we have started to build his project with is passing out the building a domestic church Family brochures. The council has also purchased from Supreme the pamphlet of building a domestic church as well as the display case and it is on display in our 'parish hall. The pamphlets have been explained to the parishoners as something they should feel free to take and read at their leisure. The council will maintain and reorder them as needed. Secondly, we have instituted doing a fifth sunday rosary between the Sam and 1 0:30am Masses. Third, we have made the 40 cans for Lent a part of this building process. Also we continue to have our Soup Supper and Stations of the Cross every Friday during Lent. Even though we already had a strong relationship with our Priest and Parish we strive to keep that relationship strong as well as have the ability to inform new members of the Parish what we are as an organization and how we arc here to help.


Title:  Frasatti House (Creating a Home for Discerment)

Council: District 2

Category: Church

Date: 07/15/2016

Purpose of activity: Remodel old house previously used for Diocese Priests and convert it into a House of Discernment, where the Vocation Director can live and provide guidance and spiritual direction to up to four men that are discerning the Priesthood.

Description: The Knights of Columbus Councils: 5011, 8303, 12431, and 13566, of District #2 located in Diocese of Fairbanks, Alaska were asked by the Diocese to take on the project of remodeling a current home for two priest and convert it into a House of Discernment. The House would eventually provide a living area for the Vocations director and Four Seminarians. A committee was organized in early April 2016. The projected completion date of July15, 2016. Councils were asked to solicit for workers with and without construction and trade skills. They were also asked to provide funds for the remodel. Demolition started on April 16th. Over the period of a few days all items were removed and either discarded or set aside for a yard sale. Many tasks were accomplished.
The Knights removed all cabinets, flooring, trim, doors, vanities, light fixtures, and plumbing. Floors were leveled, a beam was installed, vapor barrier problems were corrected, and walls were extended and shortened as needed to create a better flow. The kitchen layout was changed to provide a more open concept. New kitchen cabinets, counter tops and a sink were installed. All walls, ceilings, floors, and doors were repaired prior to applying a new finish. All ceilings, walls and doors were primed and two coats of paint throughout. New trim was purchased and also received primer and two coats of paint. A new glass wall and door were installed in the Master bedroom shower. The bedrooms and Chapel received new carpet and closet storage systems. The bathrooms received new vanities, mirrors, and vinyl flooring. The remaining flooring was replaced with a durable vinyl plank system. New outlets, switch plates and covers were installed throughout. All lighting systems were upgraded. The suspended ceiling on the lower level was upgraded and new lighting was installed. Some landscaping was completed. Over 28 Knights provided 925 hours of work an evenings weekends and weekdays from mid April through July 15, 2016. Individual Knights and councils contributed over $15,000.
Archbishop Seghers Assembly 1515 also purchased and donated a large print of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frasatti.

Title:  Fourplex Restoration Project

Council: Our Lady of the Virtues 11558

Category: Church

Date: 01/10/2017

Purpose of activity: To restore an unusable flood-damaged parish-owned apartment to a safe, comfortable living space, thereby providing housing for visiting priests, seminarians, and others in need, and a potential source of much-needed revenue to the parish.

Description: St. Anthony Parish owns a residential fourplex across the street from the church. Purchased in 1988, this building has two two-bedroom units on the second floor and two one-bedroom efficiency units on the ground floor/basement.

Since the purchase this building has served as the rectory, providing housing for the pastor, other parish priests, other religious and visiting lay persons. Some units have been rented to parish staff, to the great benefit of the parish in having staff, especially the facilities manager, in close proximity to the church facilities.

In the spring breakup of 2004, the ground floor of the fourplex was destroyed by catastrophic flooding due to high groundwater levels in the area and inadequate drainage. Damage to the two ground floor units was extensive, rendering them uninhabitable. Immediate remediation was effected by Council 11558 Knights Brother Harvey Dougherty (RIP) and Brother Gabby Pereira (RIP) who installed temporary sump pumps in the foundation and performed initial cleanup and demolition work.

St. Anthony is a wonderful parish - rich in faith and spirit, but not so much in worldly resources. Twelve years later the two units were still unusable, since the parish could not afford the needed work. Drainage was still handled by the temporary sump pumps.

In 2015, the parish decided finally to explore restoring the damaged units, and an estimate for the work was given to parish administration. Lack of funds made this impossible for the parish to undertake at that time. In 2016, it was resolved by Our Lady of the Virtues Council 11558, under the leadership of Grand Knight Paul Lightner, that the council would undertake to restore one of the units to a usable state.

It was originally thought we could accomplish the project entirely with volunteer labor. When the scope of the project became clear, and in view of our desire to provide a modern, safe and code-compliant end-result to the parish, it was decided that all-volunteer labor was not practical. After much discussion, it was resolved that professional planning, project management, and construction would most benefit the parish.

Brother Mike Malloy (Financial Secretary) owns a general contracting business (Repair As Needed, LLC). Mike agreed to take on the project for cost, and to use as much donated labor and materials as possible.

Time and labor were donated by several Knights where it was deemed appropriate, within the context of doing a professional job. Mike and Paul especially were instrumental in finding suitable donated or low-cost materials. Many of the materials were purchased and donated by council Knights, including the range, dishwasher, microwave, bathtub/shower unit, and bathroom vanity. One of the Brothers donated a $1000.00 Home Depot gift card.

Early on our project was blessed when a Brother Knight was able to find the Engineering Letter of Findings from a groundwater survey done after the flood. Done in 2004, this report had been lost for 12 years, but by the grace of God was found on an old server, saving the parish several thousands of dollars for a new survey.

Invoices for the work were periodically presented, and paid by the Council from funds earned through fundraising, especially Pot'o'Gold tickets and Buffalo Raffle tickets. Paul Lightner and Brother Fred Shurman (State Warden) were especially dedicated and effective selling tickets.

When council funds were being critically depleted, Brother George "Nick" Nickarz and his wife Norma stepped up with a $10,000.00 cash donation to the council for completion of the project.

Many other Brother Knights and their families, as well as other parishioners, donated time, talent, and treasure as their circumstances allowed.
Construction began in earnest in August of 2016. Mike Malloy took time from other projects as possible during the busy construction season.
The chosen unit was completely demolished down to studs and bare concrete. A heavy-duty high-capacity sump pump with high water alarm was installed, which has proven adequate to cover both sides of the structure.

Over the next few months the bare-frame space was turned into a modern, comfortable apartment. See attached project plans, invoices and before and after pictures.

The project was completed in January 2017 with the donation of furnishings by Knights and their families, and the completed project was turned over to St. Anthony Parish.

The final cash cost of $23,684.33 (paid by Council 11558) was significantly below the original estimate of $29,868.00. No parish funds were used for this project.

Since completion, the apartment has been used by a visiting priest for one month, and is currently temporarily occupied by a parishioner, a Brother Knight, who lost everything in a fire in their home. A local priest in the Providence Chaplaincy has expressed interest in renting the unit for himself when his current lease expires.

We believe this project has given our parish a valuable asset for decades into the future, which would have otherwise been lost.

Engineering Report from 2004
Project Plan / Invoice Final (Repair As Needed, LLC)
Photographs - Before and After
Appendix – Man Hour Calculations



Title:  Council 9830 Parish Outreach Program

Council: John A. Forsting 9830

Category: Church

Date: 07/01/2016

Purpose of activity: The Council 9830 Parish Outreach Program is an effort designed to assist elderly and widowed parish members with chores and projects they are no longer capable of or available to do. It is the brain-chi ld of one of our longest standing members, Glen Mordine, who is 79 years old. This was the beginning of what has become a very successful outreach program.

This program is new and will be an ongoing effort annually.

Description: The Council 9830 Parish Outreach Program is an effmt designed to assist elderly and widowed parish members with chores and projects that they are no longer capable of or available to do. It is the brain-child of one of our longest standing members, Glen Mordine, who is 79 years old. He needed a dead freezer and BBQ grill removed from his home and taken to the landfill. He approached the Grand Knight and offered a contribution to the Council if someone would assist him. This was the beginning of what has become a very successful outreach program. On another occasion a widow needed someone to look at her garage door. She approached Glen, who contacted the DGK and a suitab le handyman was located to help her replace her broken overhead door spring. Realizing the effort and compassion shown by this patticular Knight (and the expense if she had called a private company), she donated $200 to our general fund in addition to paying for the needed parts.

Over the past 12 months we have provided the following assistance: Knights have replaced broken glass and refinished an end table, adjusted and repaired kitchen cabinet hinges, and arranged to drive 5 ladies of the parish to the airport for their pilgrimage to numerous holy sites with others in the Archdiocese. We have also built platforms for the Eagle River High School robotics programs, replaced garbage disposals, installed a grab bar for a young lady with cerebral palsy, provided driveway and sidewalk snow removal for various parishioners while on vacation, or are elderly and need assistance.

Over the past 12 months, we have provided assistance on numerous occasions and earned over $400 for our charitable eff01ts. What started out as one elderly parishioner needing a hand has blossomed into a program that has helped many. On one occasion our KofC chest freezer was replaced with a larger stand up unit and an announcement in the parish bulletin resulted in a women in Government Hill getting a much needed 25 sg ft size unit for her small apartment.

Planning is cuiTently underway to replace a handicap ramp at the domicile of our namesakes John A. Forsting's daughter's condominium. She is atl elderly women with Cerebral Palsy who lives independently. The incline of her current set up makes it difficult for her to access her house. Once the weather clears we stand ready to bring in a crew and improve her access .....



Category: Church


Purpose of activity:






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