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Fraternal year 2016-2017

Title: Annual Knights of Columbus Bison Hunt Raffle

Council: Archbishop Seghers 1760

Category: Community

Date: 12/01/2016

Purpose of activity: Archbishop Seghers Council 1760 (with help of Bishop Michael Hughes Kenny Council 11757 and Bishop Crimont Assembly 1992) conducts the annual Knights of Columbus Bison Hunt Raffle which is a major fund-raiser for the statewide Knights of Columbus community benefiting all participating councils, assemblies and the state council.

Description: This year is 16th Annual Bison Hunt Raffle which supports charitable activities & programs of participating Councils and Assemblies in Alaska. 100% of net proceeds goes towards programs in Alaska communities. Over past 15 years we have raised over $700,000 for Alaska Knights charitable programs. Raffle tickets are $20 each, and are sold by participating Alaska Councils & Assemblies (C/As) and by mail order. C/As receive $10 for each ticket sold. State Council receives $10 for each mail order ticket sold less mail order operation costs.

Bison Raffle Committee consists of 3 members each from Council 11757 and 1760 and Assembly 1992. Council 1760 holds the gaming permit, gaming account and files State Gaming reports. Raffle begins with placement of an advertisement in 3 issues of Alaska Magazine. These issues reach subscribers in late November, January and February. Tickets are sent to C/As wishing to participate in late November and December. Some councils see the raffle as a major fund-raiser and sell upwards of 500 tickets. A first letter announcing the raffle is sent to former mail order ticket purchasers in early January. Orders come in and are processed by the committee. Reminder post card is sent in early March. About 1100+ tickets are sold by mail order. About 3400 to 3600 tickets are sold by C/As. C/As return sold/unsold tickets and money week before convention.

There is one drawing for a winner for every 1300 tickets sold. Winners choose either bison hunt or $3500 cash. The guided bison hunt on scenic Kodiak Island includes one 2 to 4-year-old bull (head, meat & hide) with three days’ food and lodging and ground transport during the hunt. The hunt is on Kodiak Game Ranch and no hunt license is required. Scheduling is arranged by winner. Best period is September to January. Travel expenses to/from Kodiak not included. If preferred, winners may opt to receive a cash prize of $3500. Prizes are transferable.
The 3 winners of the 2016 Raffle were: Tom Rollman and Bill Galligan of Eagle River AK, and Alejandro Jiménez of Buckeye AZ. Tom chose the hunt. Others took $3500 cash prize. Tom bought his winning ticket by mail order. Next drawing is April 29, 2017 at the state convention. Individuals need not be present to win.

The raffle nets about $70-74,000 depending on sales. $10 per ticket sold is given to CAs at state convention. Balance is split by Council 1760, 11757, Assembly 1992 and State Council. Council 1760 nets about $11,400.



Title:   Happiness is Paying Our Way (HIPOW) Security

Council: Archbishop Segher 5011

Category: Community

Date: 10/08/2016

Purpose of activity: To provide security at the annual HIPOW Auction and Dinner.

Description: The Chairman received a request to put together a group of men to serve as Security for the annual Happiness is Paying Our Way(HIPOW) auction and dinner. This is an annual event that volunteers provide security to ensure all items are accounted for when folks are leaving and that all items are paid for. Our council was the point of contact for getting all councils in the District 2 of the State of Alaska Knights of Columbus to assist in this event. The chairman contacted the other councils and put together a list of volunteers to work the event of Friday and Saturday evening. Our council provided the majority of the volunteers and we were able to successfully assist in the task that was at hand. We checked bags on the waay out of the event, check the parking lot to ensure vandalism was not occuring and provided Taxi Cards to those who were not able to drive themselves home safely.

Title:   Supporting the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks

Council: Archbiship Segher 5011

Category: Community

Date: 02/24/2017

Purpose of activity: To provide food support to the Open House at the Catholic Schools of Fairbanks.

Description: The Catholic Schools of Fairbanks was holding there annual open house to promote the schools to the public of the Fairbanks North Star Borough. We we asked to assist. We graciously accepted and told them that we would provide the food to be served during the open house. The council purchased hot dogs, chips, cookies and beverages to serve. The Brother Knights set up the multi-purpose room with all the chairs and tables while other brothers were cooking and setting up the serving line for the event. The open house was open for two hours, with in this time frame we served over 200 individuals that were either prospective students for the 2017-2018 school year or the volunteers that were working the various booths that were promoting the programs the school has to offer. The school staff and the Bishop of Fairbanks were very pleased to see the knights in action as a valuable part of the schools programs.

Title:   Monroe Catholic High School Kitchen clean-up

Council: Archbishop Segher 5011

Category: Community

Date: 09/17/2016

Purpose of activity: To provide a deep-cleaning of the Monroe Catholic High School kitchen to facilitate the Booster Club and other
Alumni Events.

Description: The Brother Knights of Council 5011 came together at the beginning of the school year to conduct a deep-cleaning of the kitchen at the Monroe Catholic High School, Fairbanks, AK. This cleaining consist of cleaning the walls, ceiling, hood vents, ovens, grills,popcorn machine and other surfaces. This cleaning is required to ensure the health and safety of the patroons along with the volunteers of the Booster Club, Alumni and others that utilize the Kitchen to host events at the Monroe High Catholic High School. The Schools Director was very pleased with the outcome of the cleaning the Knights provided and has asked us to assist with this on a Semi-Annual basis in order to keep this facility in use.

Title:   Recarpeting Project for Parishoner

Council: St. Benedict 12290

Category: Community

Date: 12/04/2016

Purpose of activity: Improve the living of a homebound parishoner.

Description: Several Knights that are also Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist to the Homebound noticed the carpet in one aged parish members home was in very poor condition and needed to be replaced. Council 12290 discussed this as a project which we could possibly help this person have the worn carpet replaced. One member of our Council, Patrick Bell, runs a carpet retail shop that he may be able to donate a leftover piece after a larger job. In mid November, Patrick called to say a carpet piece was available and we arranged to complete the persons home at 10:00 am and move the furniture in the room and hall then remove the soiled carpet. When we arrived the parish member's two grandsons had already moved the furniture from the room, so we removed the carpet and pad as well as cleaned the subfloor to receive the new carpet and take the old carpet to the landfill. The professional carpet installers told us that we would be more in the way than help, so we left and the pad and carpet were iinstalled. The grandsons replaced the furniture. The parish member was very happy and so pleased she had new carpet for the Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations at her home. The Brother Knights helping in this project were Patrick Bell, Paul Hafele, Mike Moore, John Tibor, Patrick Carnevale, and Jim Seeberger.


Title:   Cloth the Naked - Winter Coat Drive

Council: St. Paul Miki 10798

Category: Community

Date: 9/22/2016

Purpose of activity: During the past year of mercy, St. Paul Miki Knights joined with the youth group to conduct a winter coat drive to provide coats for women and their children who reside at Clare House, an emergency shelter for women and their children.

St. Paul Miki Council 10798

Community Service Project

Clothe the Naked - Winter Coat Drive

September 22, 2016 - October 7, 2016

During this past year of Mercy, the youth director at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton looked to the various parish ministries to join with the youth group in a corporal work of mercy activity. The St. Paul Miki Knights of Columbus joined with the youth group to conduct a winter coat drive to provide coats for single mothers and their children who are currently staying at Clare House. Clare House is a 24-hour emergency shelter open to women with children and expectant mothers over the age of 18.

The project was promoted with posters, mass announcements and information in the Sunday bulletins. Fifty-two winter coats, for infants, children and adults were collected, cleaned and delivered to Clare house.

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