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Fraternal year 2017-2018

Title: Keep Christ in Christmas Cards 

Council: Arctic Madonna Council, 9581

Category: Church

Date: 12/17/2017

Purpose of activity: To make available to the parish Christmas Cards that reflect the real reason for the season; the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Description: We put up a large display (sold by the K of C) showing the Holy Family and made available cards for sale for three weekends and all Saturday and Sunday Masses. This year we only sold $291 in cards. Every year we give Our Lady of the Valley Catholic School enough Christmas cards so all of the children can send a card to their parents or whoever they choose to send it to.

Title:  Support for a new vestment for Father Joseph

Council: Arictic Madonna Council, 9581

Category: Church

Date: 02/16/2017

Purpose of activity: We reimbursed the St. Jude Quilting Guild at Sacred Heart Catholic Church for their costs for the material that they bought to make a Father Joseph a vestment called a Cope.

Description: The St. Jude Quilting Guild at Sacred Heart Catholic Church bought the material and sewed a vestment called a Cope that had been requested by Father Joseph McGilloway to be used during Benediction and also at other times. Our Council volunteered to pay for all of the material to be used in sewing a vestment for Father. We reimbursed th Quilting Quild $427.

Title: Memorial Mass for deceased Knights 

Council: Saint Benedict, 12290

Category: Church

Date: November 2, 2017

Purpose of activity: To pay respect to our deceased members with a Mass.

Description: On All Souls Day, November 2, 2017, there was a Mass said at Saint Benedict Parish for all the deceased Knights in our council. During the Prayers of the Faithful each name of the deceased Knight was read followed by a signal ring of a bell and a rose placed in a vase at the foot of the alter. A month prior to the Mass, Mass intention cards were sent out to the family members. There were about 80 people attending the Mass, with a reception immediately following.




Title:   Parish Outreach Program

Council: John A Forsting, 9830

Category: Church

Date: Ongoing

Purpose of activity: To assist elderly and widowed parishioners with projects that are either beyond their scope of expertise or physical ability.

Description: The John A. Forsting Council Parish Outreach program is an effort designed to assist elderly and widowed parish members with projects that are beyond their expertise and chores they are no longer capable of doing on their own. It is the brainchild of one of our longest standing members
Sir Knight Glen Mordine, who is 87 years old. Glen being an “elder statesman” in the council would always request help from his brother knights and offer to donate "a little something" for our troubles. Over the years we have had requests to help him dispose of old appliances, make spring cleaning runs to the landfill and work on improving the raised beds around his home.

When a widow in the parish needed a coil spring replaced on her overhead door, Glen approached the council in search of someone who "knew something about fixing a busted garage door". A qualified person was found and when the repair was completed the widow wanted to know what she owed. In reply the knight said "It was my pleasure to help you out, if you feel you need to pay someone for my time make a donation to the council". She insisted on paying $50 for the new door torsion spring which was provided at cost once Garage Doors of Alaska heard the story of what was going on. This was the Genesis of what has grown to become a very rewarding ministry.

Wheelchair Ramp

The 39 year-old daughter of our namesake John A Forsting, who suffers from Cerebral Palsy, had become too feeble and needed her handicap ramp redesigned to create a lesser slope. The"Parish Outreach Program" answered the call. A site visit was made and plans were drawn up.
In this instance the materials were purchased by an anonymous benefactor. Then one Friday in late spring 6 council members arrived on site and within 8-10 hours had demolished and completely replaced the wheelchair ramp.
On another occasion Marylin Boley, the widow of one of our founding members, approached PGK Joel Klessons looking for help in reinforcing a backyard fence that had rotted out and was falling down. Another site visit ensued and plans were made. Over the course of two days, 15 knights and even some sons of knights arrived on the site. They dug post-holes, replaced 11 rotting posts and reconnected the fence. As an added bonus they removed serious moss accumulation from her shed roof, cleaned and repaired the rain gutters.


An elderly couple was planning a thank you party for all the parishioners who assisted them during a prolonged medical recovery resulting from back surgery. The day before the event the fill valve on the toilet in the main bathroom decided to give up the ghost. A quick call from the"Parish Outreach" Coordinator and a handyman was located to troubleshoot, purchase, and replace the broken fill valve and shutoff. A day later this same couple realized that the entire upstairs was not receiving heat from the boiler. At first, they thought someone had messed up their thermostat. After about an hour of troubleshooting and a quick trip to the heating supply store replacement of a faulty zone valve in the heating system restored heat to the upstairs.
One of our parishioners, Vincent Browne and his wife, run an emergency foster home for youth in crisis. Vincent said he needed help replacing an upstairs window. A knight who works seasonally as a contractor showed up to help, he came equipped for a total replacement ladders, Sawzall, the works. After a closer inspection he discovered that with a few minor parts and some adjustment a new window was not necessary, saving hundreds of dollars. These are just some of the grander examples where the "Parish Outreach" program has significantly impacted parishioners in their time of need. There are many other examples of smaller jobs; shoveling drives and walks when parishioners go on vacation, repairing a broken chair, adjusting kitchen cabinet door hinges, replacing a dishwasher or an outdated thermostat and repairing a broken doorbell. The beauty of this effort is that on minor projects Knights can invest an hour or two and have a direct impact on the quality of an elderly parishioner’s life.
Any donations from these odd jobs have been deposited in the General Fund and used to run council charitable programs. However, the real benefit comes from living one of our core principal’s charity, all the while unifying the parish and providing fraternity to our council members. The interaction, whether it be a large group of knights or one on one, has built a solid bridge between the council membership and parishioners. This while enhancing the image of Council 9830 while providing for those in need.

Note: While this was being prepared for print we were approached by the widow who had her
garage spring replaced with another request.

Title:   Fundraising Support for Holy Family Cathedral and Ministries

Council: Our Lady of the Snows Council, 4859

Category: Church

Date: July 1st to Present.

Purpose of activity: Fundraising support for Holy Family Cathedral and Ministries


In July, 2017…one of our Knights (Tony Stanley) was closing his Health Club located on the corner of 9th and Gambell St. in Anchorage. Tony subsequently donated all of the Sports Equipment to Holy Family Cathedral as a possible fundraiser.

At the time this equipment was donated, Holy Family Cathedral was in need of such additional funds for its operating budget.

Holy Family Cathedral Pastor Fr. Steven Maekawa O.P. and Knight Tony Stanley then asked the council to organize a fundraiser to sell the sports equipment with the proceeds going to Holy Family Cathedral.

A committee was setup headed by Grand Knight Bill Fasser to treat this as a major project to help out Holy Family Cathedral. All of the Health clubs in Anchorage were subsequently approached to inspect and bid on any equipment that they could use in their places of business. By October, 2017….. approximately $17,000 was raised for Holy Family Cathedral. The remainder of the sports equipment that did not sell was subsequently transported to a local Auction House in Anchorage….where they will be selling the remaining equipment as the year progresses with a percentage of the sale going to Holy Family Cathedral. Since there was a substantial amount of equipment needing to be transported to the Auction House from the Health Club location, Council 4859 members approved expenditure of $1750 to transport that equipment as council efforts to support Holy Family Cathedral. Thanks to the moneys raised, Holy Family Cathedral was able to use the moneys to help out its operating budget and finished in the “black” by 2017 calendar year end.

In the meantime, one of Holy Family Cathedral’s ministries “The Women of Holy Family” also needed and requested financial help in their budget. Their ministry provides receptions at Holy Family Cathedral when asked by the pastor. Such receptions would be funeral receptions where the family cannot afford and other reception events as requested (such as the reception for Archbishop Eitienne upon becoming Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Anchorage). Our council has three gold coins that were donated by one of our Knights for fundraising when needed. One of the gold coins was released to help raise $4000 to their ministry by selling 200 tickets at $20/ticket using our C4859 gaming license.  Drawing to be held on April 15th at 2 PM when our council conducts its monthly Sunday breakfast event at Holy Family Cathedral.

Title: Church office construction at St. Paul's Parish

Council: Bishop Kenny Council, 11757

Category: Community

Date: Spring 2017 - Spring 2018

Purpose of activity: To build new parish offices and provide proper working space for our pastor and parish staff by remodeling part of our old church.

Description: Bishop Kenny Council 11757 has assisted St. Paul’s Parish is creating new parish offices for staff. When our new church was built 15 years ago, there was a dream to expand church offices into a section of the former church. This became more urgent when safe environment practices forced our pastor to move his office out of his house. When the initial contractors bids came in at over $130,000, this appeared to be an impossibility without extraordinary fund-raising. Our council looked into the chores needed and found ways to incorporate the talents of our council and parish community while lowering the costs. In the end, the project was completed for $50,000 in materials and contracted labor.

Two knights, Pat Monagle and Chris Gianotti spearheaded the design and construction of the offices. While we had contractors work on significant portions, including windows and electricity, Knight volunteer labor helped cover a funding shortfall. Major projects included installing the rafters and creating a storage space above the office, complete with a stairwell that folds into the ceiling. Dry wall, railings, and painting were also community projects. At least 15 Knights (33% of our council membership) volunteered at least 300 hours of their time to help complete this project.

When parish events meant all traditional meeting spaces were being used in February, the Knights held their monthly business meeting in the new offices. The opportunities for service have continued as the same Knights who helped in the office are now helping to repaint our church.




Category: Community


Purpose of activity:







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