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Fraternal year 2017-2018

Title: Wreaths Across america

Council: Arctic Madonna Council, 9581

Category: Community

Date: 12/16/2018

Purpose of activity: To sale Christmas Wreaths to be put on the graves of deceased military members at fort Richardson National Cemetery on December 16th.

Description: The purpose of selling Christmas Wreaths to our parish members, some who have a loved one buried at Fort Richardson National Cemetery and many who have no one buried there is to Teach, Honor, and Respect for our fallen military members and their families.

1. To teach our children the value of our freedoms.
2. To honor those who haven fallen in the service of their country.
3. To show respect for the sacrifices of all the families of our military.

We sold $1,530 dollars worth of wreaths which bought us 153 wreaths. 15 of those were placed on family members grave sites and the others we placed on the other graves after the ceremony on December 16th 21017.

Title: Sacred Heart Parish Blood Drive

Council: Arctic Madonna Council, 9581

Category: Community

Date: 12/21/2017

Purpose of activity: We held a Blood Drive for the Alaska Blood Bank

Description: For the second year in a row we held a Blood Drive at our church for the Alaska Blood Bank. They brought their Mobile Unit to our church parking lot on Sunday the 21st of January. We were at all three Masses signing up donors for three weeks leading up to the event. The drive was advertised in the Sunday Bulletin each Sunday and father Joseph spoke on it at the mass. We were able to have 14 people that were allowed to give a pint of blood which was the same number as last year. We had hoped to do better this year.

Title: Bear Paw Parade Marshalling

Council: John A Forsting, 9830

Category: Community

Date: 7/15/2017

Purpose of activity: Assist the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce with staging and marshaling of floats and participants for the Annual Bear Paw Parade.

Description: The Bear Paw Festival is held annually in Eagle River, Alaska during the second weekend of July.  The Bear Paw festival is one of the largest festivals of its kind in South Central Alaska.  The Knights of Columbus participate annually in the staging and marshalling of the Bear Paw Parade for the Eagle River Chamber of Commerce.

The parade committee met several times before the actual event to iron out details of the complex job of making the parade come together in a way that would be organized and safe for all participants and spectators.  This year Brother Bill Galligan was once again an integral member of the Chamber of Commerce Parade Team.  The staging for the parade was at five distinctly separate areas which offered all of its parking areas and surrounding streets for the staging of the over 80 groups and floats, including local businesses, sports teams, marching bands, rodeo participants on horseback, the Military Youth Academy and three separate car clubs.   

The wide distribution of floats around the different staging areas posed numerous challenges for the Knight’s assisting with the operation.  One issue year after year is people in vehicles wanting to drive into the staging areas to drop people off rather than have them walk from parking areas on the periphery.  This is typically a parent needing to get their son or daughter to a large group such as a football team or girl scout troop.  The Knights along with the Eagle River Chamber came up with a plan to add additional manpower to key points at the staging areas and connecting driveways and use VHF radios to monitor all the points of confusion. This plan worked brilliantly to significantly decrease bottle-necks and backups.

 At one point, just as the parade was getting underway, a medical emergency required that a participant leave the area and get to the hospital to meet a loved one who was being transported by ambulance.   Through radio co-ordination via the team leaders a route was opened up against the flow of the staged participants and the family gained access to the Glen Highway and was able to safely leave Eagle River and make it to Regional Hospital.   In short, the parade was staged and marshaled with exceptional success.

The Knights of Columbus provided 25 members and a few Knight’s Ladies who were stationed with specific groups of floats at various parking lots and streets in the area, providing organization and order for the floats as well as safety for participants.  Some of the more experienced Knights provided much needed traffic control at key choke points working alongside the Anchorage Police Department.  Brother Bill Galligan was the roving manager of the staging event providing coordination of the entire staging along with two members of the Chamber of Commerce Parade Team.

As the parade moved out of its respective venues, Knights provided route control by marching along the parade route with the parade.  This ensured proper spacing for the parade and crowd control so no children would run out into the parade route and accidently get injured by a passing vehicle.
This is one of the premier annual Community Service events for the Knights of Eagle River and we have been lauded by both participants and the Chamber of Commerce repeatedly to the effect that they could not pull off a event of this magnatude without the assistance of the  Knights of Columbus Council 9830.

Title: Council 4859 Support of Walk and Roll for Hope Event- Fundraiser for Hope Community Resources

Council: Our Lady of the Snows, 4859

Category: Community

Date: July 1st thru Present

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 Support of Walk and Roll for Hope Event- Fundraiser for Hope Community Resources


Council 4859 participates each year in the Walk and Roll for Hope Community Event in Anchorage. Our council has been manning Checkpoint #2 each year for the last 15 years by checking in the athletes and providing refreshments for this event.

The Walk and Roll for Hope event is celebrating its 49th year of having runners, bicycle riders, and roller skaters participate in raising funds for Alaskans with disabilities. This program is administered through the Hope Community Resources Foundation in Alaska.

The first Walk and Roll for Hope event was held in May of 1970. The goal was to raise funds to bring home 66 Alaskan children who experienced a disability who had been taken from their homes and sent to an institution in Oregon. The goal in 1970 was to also provide for 1200 children statewide who were not receiving care or services. It began as a 31 mile marathon from one end of Anchorage to the other. Since that time, the route has been changed so that children and adults can now run, bike, or skate the course in Anchorage.

In May 6th, 2017……Council 4859 did its part by manning Checkpoint #2 of the course.

Council 4859 will again do its part on May 5th, 2018.



Category: Community


Purpose of activity:




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