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Fraternal year 2017-2018

Title: Polar Plunge for Special Olympics Alaska 

Council: Saint Benedict, 12290

Category: Council

Date: December 16, 2017

Purpose of activity: To raise money for Special Olympics Alaska

Description: On December 16, 2017 Council 12290 put a team together consisting of 10 Brother Knights, 6 family members, a teacher,  and the varsity basketball team from Lumen Christi High School to plunge into the icey water of Goose Lake in Anchorage. Our team raised over $5800 dollars for Special Olympics Alaska training. The money is used through the year to train these Special Athletes.



Title:   Council 4859 Efforts in Support of 2017 Pot of Gold and 2018 Bison Raffles

Council: Our Lady of the Snows Council, 4859

Category: Council

Date: July 1st 2017 to Present

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 efforts in support of Bison and Pot of Gold Raffles.

Description: Since the beginning of this Fraternal Year (2017-2018), C4859 has been actively working with other councils in the Anchorage/Eagle River/Matsu Valley areas in support of the State Bison and Pot of Gold Raffles.

Pot of Gold Raffle:  Council 4859 conducted the 2017 Pot of Gold Raffle that resulted in all 3500 raffle tickets sold. This resulted in $ 87,500 raised. Excluding the cash prizes ($ 28,000), the remainder ($59,500) was subsequently distributed to participating councils and the Alaska State Council.  In working with three other councils, a key in selling a number of tickets in the Pot of Gold Raffle was participation in Holiday type shows that were being conducted in the Anchorage, Matsu Valley, and Eagle River areas.

Efforts of this nature resulted in the Pot of Gold Raffle selling out all of the tickets not only in 2017, but also in the past 5 years.

2018 Bison Raffle:

In support of this year’s 2018 Bison Raffle, coordination was done with 4 other councils with very good results on the sales of tickets:
·         The Matanuska Gun Collectors Association Gun Show at Raven Hall held earlier in February, 2018.
·         The Coin/Collectables Show in conjunction with the Anchorage Fur Rondy week at the Sears Mall on February  23rd-25th and March 2nd –March 4th.
·         March 17th (Saturday) and March 18th (Sunday) at the Chugiak-Eagle River Senior Center Gun Show. 
·         March 24th (Saturday) and March 25th (Sunday) at the Eagle River Lions Club Gun Show. 
·         April 5th (Thursday) , April 6th (Friday), April 7th (Saturday), and April 8th (Sunday) at the Alaska Sportsman Show at the Sullivan/Ben Boekhe Arenas.  
·         April 14th (Saturday) and April 15th (Sunday) at the Alaska Gun Collectors Association Show at the Sullivan Arena.   Last year (in 2017)…there were 250 tables at this Gun Show when we were selling the Pot of Gold Raffle tickets.... and we did well.  At this point, the intent of this show is to sell any final Bison tickets that participating councils have in their possession. Usually, the Gun Collectors like to buy these last minute tickets knowing the drawing will be held in two weeks. Because our tickets needed to be turned into C1760 by April 15th, special permission was given from James Rogers (organizer of the 2018 Pot of Gold Raffle) to turn in final tickets and moneys by April 23rd.

The strategy was to focus Bison ticket sales at the gun shows on a target audience (gun collectors and hunters) who liked the Bison hunt. In the case of the Sears Mall, our strategy was focused on promoting the Bison raffle on the $3500 cash prize (as it was a different audience we were selling to).

Title:   Thomas Kelley Family Home Siding/Painting Project

Council: St. Michael's, 11816

Category: Council

Date: 06/03/2017

Purpose of activity: Council members re-sided and re-painted the home of deceased Past Grand Knight, Thomas W. Kelley.

Description: PGK Tom Kelley died in August 2016 from a brain tumor. Prior to getting sick, Brother Kelley started to apply new T-111 siding to his double-wide trailer home in Palmer, but was unable to finish as his cancer progressed and personal finances became more limited. Council 11816 members purchased building and painting materials from Lowe's to complete siding the Kelley home which Brother Tom originally started by himself. Tasks involved removing old rotting particle board siding and replacing in with new T-111 siding on June 3, 2017. Windows were re-framed and caulked on the exterior side. The council members returned on August 1, 2017 to paint the Kelley's home. Tom's sons, Bob and Ransom (both Knights) assisted with painting their mother Toni's and teen-aged sister Brenda's home. (Both men live elsewhere.) Council members' wives provided hot lunch to participating Knights on June 3rd. Take-out pizza was served for lunch on the painting date (August 1st).

The council also built a ramp to the main entrance of the Kelley's home from donated materials provided by Lowe's three days prior to Tom's death, so Tom could die at home with his family around him; rather than in Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. It was Brother Kelley's last wish to die in his own bed in his own home.



Category: Council


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