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Fraternal year 2017-2018

Title: Baby Items Drive

Council: Saint Benedict, 12290

Category: Culture of Life

Date: January, 2, 2018

Purpose of activity: To collect baby items for the Teen Pregnancy Center.

Description: The council set up a small bed at the entrance of the church to collect baby items during the month of January. The people of the parish were very generous as usual towards this project. We collected clothes, baby bottles, wipes, diapers, baby beds, and blankets. All of it covered 102 square feet. The items were taken to the Teen Pregnancy Center which is part of the Catholic Social Services. 

Title: Pro-Life

Council: Arctic Madonna Council, 9581

Category: Culture of Life

Date: 2/18/2018

Purpose of activity: To call attention to and to place emphasis on the importance of doing what we can and must do to stop the killing of millions of Unborn Babies.

Description:   The Grand Knight had a conference with our Parish Priest, Father Joseph Mc Gilloway and received his overwhelming indorsement and encouragement for the Knights of Columbus to prepare a portable bulletin board located in our Social Hall to be dedicated to the Pro-Life issue. Saving the Unborn from being brutality murdered. in the womb is in God's hands but for one thing we must be aware of how great is our responsibility for electing representatives who are Truely Pro-Life and help to put a stop to the wholesale slaughter of our Unborn. We simpley must do our God Given part to place and keep protection for the Unborn as our highest responsibility. It is past time for "Roe vs Wade" to be overturned. Pray we must, but we in addition need to act as responsible Catholics. The Grand Knight has purchased ten copies of the Pro-Life Book; "PERSONHOOD The Tree to Life, The Biblical Path To Pro-Life Victory In The 21st Century" to lend or sell to people who are interested in knowing what has been done and can be done in the immediate future to put a stop to the killing of the Unborn.

Title: Mardi Gras Fundraiser for REACH

Council: Archbishop Seghers, 1760

Category: Culture of Life

Date: 02/10/2018

Purpose of activity: Raise money for REACH which is the one-stop location for information, referrals, supports and services for children, adults, and families experiencing developmental delays or disabilities in northern Southeast Alaska.

Description:   Two Knights work for REACH as job coaches including Amos and Manuel. Council 1760 covered the cost of all supplies. Members helped setup, serve and clean-up. Over $2500 was raised. These two thank-you notices say it all. Amos, Manuel and Miguel who are mentioned are young adult members of Council 1760.
This Thank You is on website:
On Saturday, Feb 10th, the Knights of Columbus Council #1760 of Juneau hosted a Mardi Gras themed fund-raising dinner for REACH at St. Ann’s Parish Hall. This is the second year the Knights have sponsored this event on behalf of REACH, and the event has really grown!
There were only 100 tickets for the dinner and nearly all of them were sold! Baker Dani Beyers whipped up some magic with freshly made King Cakes and beignets that made everyone salivate! The main course was Louisiana Shrimp boil, crab cakes, and red beans and rice. We ate really well!
Additional money was raised thanks to Alaskan Brewing donating the beer And, we auctioned off a matching hat and scarf from the Canvas at REACH, two plates designed by Ceramic artist, Alex Botelho, a beautiful 3-piece glassware set, and a cheesecake that was amazing!
REACH’s own DJ Manu, known as Manuel during business hours, set us up with great Cajun and New Orleans jazz tunes so we had a great party atmosphere during the evening.
The event was well attended, lots of fun, and we plan to do it again next year. Thanks again to everyone who helped, donated, and came to enjoy the party!
For the 2nd notice see attached February 18, 2018 Juneau Empire Article: Thank you for making Mardi Gras a success.

Title: Council 4859 Efforts in Support of Catholic Men for Life Rally at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Anchorage

Council: Our Lady of the Snows Council, 4859

Category: Culture of Life

Date: July 1st 2017 to Present

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 efforts in support of Catholic Men for Life Rally at the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Anchorage.

Description:   About 5 years ago, a contingent of Council 4859 members began the establishment of a Catholic Men for Life movement in Anchorage.

The idea behind the movement was to bring to light that fact abortions also affect the father. What better way to do a rally against abortions by conducting a mass (in the morning) followed by an all day rosary in front of the Planned Parenthood Clinic in Anchorage…which conducts abortions. By having men pray such a rosary has a profound effect and shows that men care about pro-life issues.  Over the 5 year period, the rosary vigil continues with other men (and their families) participating from other councils and ministry groups. The rally has even brought men from other Christian denominations to participate.

Twice a year…on the Saturday before Palm Sunday (Lent)….and in the Winter (November)….these men, their wives, and children have been doing this rally. Priests from Holy Family Cathedral and other parishes have been also participating by conducting mass in an open area near the Planned Parenthood facility in Anchorage.

Besides having men from Council 4859 participate in these rallies, Council 4859 has also been providing the lunches to all of the participants (usually Big Mac burgers and hot chocolate/coffee/soda pop) at each event.

Our hope is that these rallies will continue to gain strength as the years go by.
Title: Recommendation for Service Award for Service for Pro Life

Council: Holy Name Council, 11321

Category: Culture of Life

Date: During this past year.

Purpose of activity:

Description: During this past year Ketchikan Council 11321 has demonstrated  Fraternity, Unity and Charity in service to Holy Name Parish. The Pro Life initiative is one that Council 11321 is always looking at our processes so we can reach a larger audience. Three years ago we started serving a free halibut dinner to draw people into our prolife event. This year's prolife fish dinner drew in our largest crowd with over 70 people attending. We had such success with Father Mike Galbraith at our first prolife fish dinner we brought him down from St. Paul's in Juneau to be our guest speaker. He really made impact based on the feedback from members in the audience, and we are already planning for next year's dinner. Leading up to the dinner we hung posters around the church and made prolife media available to the public. Additionally, Fraternity plays a big part for our council not only do we have fun fixing the meal, but the hours spent catching the fish on our council fishing trips (FYI, we did not count those hours). In the past year we managed to rack up more than 200 service hours in support of the Pro Life initiatives. 2. We would like thank you for your consideration for the Service Award for Pro Life.



Category: Culture of Life


Purpose of activity:







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