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Fraternal year 2017-2018

Title: Archbishop Seghers Council Youth Activities

Council: Archbishop Seghers, 1760

Category: Youth

Date: 01/01/2018

Purpose of activity: Support Juneau's Catholic Youth in Various Ways during the entire Fraternal Year


This covers a lot of activities during the fraternal year. It is all very much appreciated.
1. Members supported the annual Teen ACTS retreat at the Shrine of St. Therese.
2. We donated $1000 to the Diocesan Catholic Kid’s Camp at the Shrine of St. Therese each year for last 2 years. This annual donation has enabled the camp to again operate after suspending operations for 2 years due to lack of funds. This enabled them to hold 3 camps serving 40 kids with the help of 11 high school kids. Knights help in this program. Attached photos show how much this camp is appreciated by local families and youth.
3. The Council has a Scholarship Endowment Fund and a Scholarship Committee. We work with Council 11757 to award scholarships annually to Catholic students targeting Juneau high school graduates. We awarded three $1000 scholarships to graduating Catholic HS students. Also donated $250 for a safe graduation party and some members helped at this party.
4. The Council treated Cathedral of the Nativity of BVM altar servers to a pizza & bowling party and gave each of 18 servers a $25 movie gift card. We also gave $25 movie gift cards to our 4 young teen confirmands.
5. Members helped the Cathedral of the Nativity of BVM middle school youth group over several months collect food and warm clothing for the homeless of Juneau. Several Knights help in this program.
6. We donated $1000 for purchase of materials and supplies for the Catechesis of Good Shepherd religious education program at the Cathedral of the Nativity of BVM. Several Knights help in this program.


Title: Council 4859 Efforts in Support of Youth Programs at Holy Family Cathedral

Council: Our Lady of the Snows Council, 4859

Category: Youth

Date: July 1st 2017 to Present

Purpose of activity: Council 4859 efforts in support of Youth Programs at Holy Family Cathedral.

Description: At Holy Family Cathedral in Anchorage, rather than create a Squires Circle…….this would have been in conflict with Holy Family Cathedral’s support of the Youth Trail Life Program. A number of our Knights had children participating in the Youth Trail Life Program. Several years ago, Supreme set a policy in which they encouraged councils to support the local youth program of their parish in lieu of Squires Circle if practical.

Accordingly, decision was made to support the Youth Trail Life Program at Holy Family Cathedral. A few years ago, our council worked with the youth group directors of the Trail Life Program in a fundraiser (using our C4859 gaming permit) in conducting a raffle for a 4 wheel outdoor terrain vehicle that resulted in $10,000 to their program.

This became a practical way in getting the parish youth that were involved in the Trail Life Program to work with our council on our projects. These youth participate by helping our council out in our monthly Sunday Breakfast events at Holy Family Cathedral. We even provided each youth with a name badge similar to our C4859 name badges….with the inscription “Council 4859 Future Knight in Training”.  We are hopeful that these youth will become our future Knights in Council 4859 by working with them in this way.

Our council also conducts each year a Children’s Christmas Party in December at Holy Family Cathedral centered about the theme of St. Nicholas. Besides the story of St. Nicholas read the youth, a breakfast is served with candy canes handed out to each child and games also conducted for the children by the adult parents.



Category: Youth


Purpose of activity:






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