Pot o' Gold Raffle Drawing December 8, 2018

And the winners are:

1st 1,000.00 Linda Hunt
2nd 1,000.00 Teresa Landry
3rd 1,000.00 Darrell Hornbeck
4th 1,000.00 John Rogan
5th 1,000.00 Brian Sturdevant
6th 1,000.00 Christy Passard
7th 1,000.00 Patrick Klump
8th 1,000.00 Don Lederhos
9th 1,000.00 Don Lederhos
10th 1,000.00 Justin Klump

Grand Prize $15,000 Joan McKinnon


We wish to thank all who participated in this important fund raising event and remind you that we all are winners in helping charities around the great state of Alaska. Please join us again next year. Good luck and God bless you as well.


17th Annual Bison Hunt Raffle Winners

17th Annual Bison Hunt Winners:

1st winner Cassie Rodgers of  North Pole, ticket sold by mail order.

2nd winner Brittany Rodgers of North Pole, ticket sold by mail order. 

3rd winner Tom King, ticket 3149, ticket sold by Council 13315.